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Tel: (360) 863-2412

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Chiropractic Care is a Family Affair

Live Life Optimally! 
You are designed to be extraordinary.

We believe you are designed to be extraordinary! We help you be your Best by restoring the communication pathways between your Brain and Body. It's called Chiropractic.

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It is with a grateful heart that we welcome you to Snohomish Family Chiropractic. In 2009, Dr. Morgan Binnie started her chiropractic career in the Midwest and has been helping people not only get out of pain but also inspire and empower people to reach their health goals. With a background in health and wellness, pediatric neurology, auto accident recovery, and chiropractic in pregnancy care, Dr. Morgan has a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal and neurological system and knows what it takes to champion patient’s needs.


Fast forward: after practicing in Bothell for four years, it was time to open her practice closer to home. So Dr. Morgan and her husband, Aaron Haack opened Snohomish Family Chiropractic in Snohomish, Washington.


Thank you for visiting us and look forward to meeting you soon!

Our Services


Our office offers chiropractic adjustments to optimize your life and performance.  Chiropractic is an alternative, cost efficient and holistic form of healthcare whose goal is to get you well and keep you well so you can reach your optimal potential. Chiropractic clears the Central Nervous System of any interference that can alter the body's function, cause discomfort or decrease quality of life.  Chiropractic also helps to support an easier and faster birth process. Patients MUST have the New Patient Exam complete before scheduling an adjustment. Dr. Morgan reserves the right to only accept cases that are a good fit for the clinic. This is an in person service.

People decide to begin chiropractic care for all types of reasons:



In her state-of-the-art clinic, Dr. Morgan  provides an array of services which include:


 Pregnancy Care
Pregnancy Care

We can help you through your journey into motherhood. Let have a conversation about what your vision is for your pregnancy.

Children & Teens
Children & Teens

Moms & Dads, at Snohomish Family Chiropractic we believe chiropractic care is for the whole family. You and your kids have different stressors, however, kids respond wonderfully with chiropractic care

Adults & Lifestyle
Adults & Lifestyle

If you have never been to our office & visited with Dr Morgan, then this is the place to start. We will have a conversation about what brings you into the office and how we can help.

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Insurance & Payment Options

Snohomish Family Chiropractic accepts the following insurance plans:

  • Regence BlueCross Blue Shield 

  • Regence Boeing

  • Aetna 

  • Out of Network plans through Premera

  • HSA is accepted.

Contact us if you have any questions about our payment or insurance acceptance policy. 

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